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Big Eat Update: Miette's Ginger Snaps

My husband had a meeting in the city this week, so I sent him on a mission to bring me back #49 from the 7x7 Big Eat list: Miette's Ginger Snaps.  Whenever we go to the Ferry Building, I am always drawn to Miette's booth, with its immaculate display of scrumptious-looking cupcakes and beautiful jewel-like macarons under glass cake domes.  I've always wanted to buy something of theirs, but everything looks so good and so expensive, I have no idea where to start.

So the 7x7 list made it easy to pick something.  Hubby comes home with a discreet little brown paper bag, and I decide that there's no need to eat dinner.  I'll just have what's in the bag, thanks.  Never you mind what message I'm sending to the children when Mommy skips dinner to dig into a bag of baked goods.

49. Miette's Ginger Snaps - The ginger snaps are neatly stacked in a clear tube.  With their delicate scalloped edges and flecks of salt dotting the surface, they are simple yet beautiful to behold.  What a shame that I tore into them like a crazed dog (actually, like OUR crazed dog might have if he had gotten close enough).  They are crisp and substantial, despite being fairly thin, not too sweet, and with a good ginger kick.  A nice salty finish with a lingering hint of butter.

To be honest, I didn't think they were all that when I ate my first one.  But they sneak up on you, and I ended up eating three in one sitting (they are good with a cup of tea).  Now there's just one left in the tube, and I'm saving it for hubby.  He better eat it soon, or I might conveniently forget that it's ear-marked for him.

I'm not sure it's something you have to try before you die - they are a little pricey ($7.00 for 12) and I wouldn't go out of my way again to get them, but the next time I'm at the Ferry Building and the Miette booth beckons, I know exactly what I'll end up buying.

Seven down, 93 to go.  I better get eating!
Tags: big eat 2010, food
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