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Big Eat Update: Dynamo Donuts

As you can see, I'm really putting some effort into this 7x7 list.  I may not live in the city or get many chances to head up there, but I will not be deterred by those little setbacks.  When I found out a co-worker drives past Dynamo Donuts every day on the way in to work, I enlisted his help on a reconnaissance mission.   He brought me one of each of the donut selections for that day, which included #54 on the Big Eat list: spiced chocolate doughnut (with a Four Barrel Coffee, but since I'm not big into coffee, I'm giving myself a pass on that second part).

54. Spiced-Chocolate Doughnut at Dynamo Donut with a Four Barrel Coffee - I wanted to love this doughnut so much.  I love chocolate.  I love chipotle.  I love the chocolate-spicy combination.  But sadly, the doughnut didn't live up to the expectations of the list.  I mean, seriously, you could die not having had this doughnut, and you're still OK (albeit dead).  

Was is a good doughnut?  Yes.  It was a very good chocolate cake doughnut.  It had good chocolate flavor and wasn't overpowered by that cloying sweetness that makes your teeth hum when you bite into a lot of standard issue doughnuts.  The doughnut was encrusted with sugar and spice, imparting it with a crunchy, smoky sweetness.  It was definitely unique and an interesting experience and I wouldn't turn one down if it was offered to me.

But if I might be so bold as to suggest to the sage folks at 7x7 to consider the other flavor always on rotation at Dynamo: the maple-glazed bacon doughnut was to die for.  I'm a firm believer that adding bacon to anything makes it better to begin with, and this doughnut just affirms my beliefs.  It's a pillow-soft raised doughnut that has an almost sourdough-y tang to it, topped with maple syrup glaze and bacon bits.  It tastes even better than it sounds, and if it doesn't sound good to you, read it again.  How can you not love all the best parts of the all-American breakfast assembled into one convenient package?

So definitely go check out Dynamo, but skip the choco-spice and go with the Maple-Bacon doughnut instead.  The only one who will be sorry is your waistline.
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