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Random Thought Balloon in the Wee Hours

As I was brushing my teeth tonight, I spied a little black speck moving across the floor.  I followed it to find more of its friends wandering around a little dead bug carcass in the corner.  When there are more than 4 ants wandering around each other anywhere in my house, I pretty much freak out about an ant infestation in the kitchen.

So I found myself ant-proofing the kitchen at 12:30am, and now I'm on a post-freak-out high.  Don't be surprised if this post, which is solely to bide my time while my stress level subsides, is completely random and disjointed.  It's 12:48am, and I'd rather be sleeping.

I haven't come over to LJ in a while because August is apparently WFMAD (Write Fifteen Minutes A Day) month.  Lo and behold, I have been trying to work on my WIP for 15 minutes a day since I found out about WFMAD on the 5th of the month.  I'm pleased to say I have only missed 3 days.  But I'm totally tapped.  I'm really hoping September can be my SEHAD (sleep eight hours a day) month.

I'm wondering if it's possible for a person to have a full-time job, raise two kids under the age of 6 (not alone, thank goodness, I have a wonderful husband who is an equal partner in this parenting business),  get in three solid hours of exercise a week, and have serious time for writing.  Oh yeah, and still get a decent amount of sleep.  If the answer is yes, somebody please send me the instructions on how to do this.  Thanks.

I still owe someone a full manuscript critique (you know who you are).  I'm sorry!  I've been really bad about it.  Your MS is sitting on my bedside table.  I really need to get it done.  Maybe September will be my CFMAD (critique fifteen minutes a day) month, and I'll have that back to you within 2 weeks.  In fact, in my over-tired state, I am going to rashly commit to having your MS back to you within 2 weeks.  There, I said it, it's out there, so I have to make it happen.

I'd say I'll go re-read some passages now so I can work on the critique, but I think I've actually de-stressed enough to go to bed now.  Yay!
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