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Pimpin' Product: Scream Sorbet

WARNING: If you don't live in the Silicon Valley Bay Area and you love food, you will be sad after reading this, so just skip it.

I can't believe I haven't mentioned Scream sorbet before (I did get them a shout-out in my Big Eat post, but it's about time they deserve their own).  I have been quietly feeding my addiction to Scream whenever I visit my local farmers market, enjoying their beautiful, brilliant flavors like plum shiso, cashew caramel, Satsuma mandarin, and kettle corn (yes, that's right, sorbet made from kettle corn).   The flavors burst in every tiny frozen spoonful and the mouth-feel is so decadent, it's hard to believe I'm eating sorbet.  In the case of the plum shiso, I'd argue that I'm eating the very essence of summer distilled into a petite scoop of frozen perfection.

You say that I'm exaggerating.  "Sorbet doesn't taste that good.  It's overly sweet and grainy and sour," you say.  You used to be right.  Before Scream came along.  Their nut-based sorbets are every bit as creamy as ice cream.  Their seasonal fruit flavors are smooth and light and so intensely colored and flavored, you'd swear you are eating the whole fruit.  I'd explain the genius behind their product, but you're better off checking out their web site

Normally, I would be happy to keep this gustatory treasure all to myself (which is what I normally do with the pre-packs I bring home), but tonight I had a revelation.  I managed to obtain some Scream sorbet sandwiches and shared one with my husband tonight.  First of all, that's the last time I'll make that mistake - no more sharing!   We had their lemon sorbet sammy: lemon shiso sorbet between two crisp lemon shortbread cookies.

I knew the sorbet would be good.  Shiso is a wonderful complement to the tartness of the lemon, and like all their flavors, this one is intense.  When I took the sandwich out of the freezer, I didn't have high hopes for the cookie part, though.  The sandwich under the gold foil felt like it would have the texture of cardboard on the outside, and the sorbet would be too cold to yield softly to the first bite like a good ice cream sandwich should.  Wrong!  The shortbread was lightly sweet, tangy, and buttery, delicately thin yet substantial enough to lend a nice crunch.   I was so sad the experience was over when I swallowed my last bite.

I still have an almond peppercorn oreo and coffee almond gingersnap sammy in the freezer, and I'm selfishly glad for my husband's nut allergy so I don't have to share those.

I hope everyone in the Bay Area will stop at the Scream Sorbet tent the next time they go to their farmers' market and try a sample.  I'm sure you'll be hooked after the first taste.

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