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So You Think You Can...

 I love the show "So You Think You Can Dance".   It really showcases what it means to be an artist: people who trek across the country with only $10 left in their pocket for a chance to demonstrate their passion and commitment to their craft.  Watching the show makes me realize that I really am a dilletante when it comes to writing.  Writing is a just a hobby for me (and hey, I'm OK with that), one that I really enjoy (when I have the time to do it), but I'm not about to leave my family for a chance to compete on a show called "So You Think You Can Write".

That doesn't mean I can't have a little fun with my hobby and shamelessly lift from Nigel Lythgoe.   "So You Think You Can Write" sounds like a great idea!  I'd love to get a little group of friends together and share the experience of trying our hands at different genres of writing.  

No matter what story I try to tell, my work always seems to come back to sudden fiction with a slant towards food-related magic realism (babies hatch from peaches, go on a journey, and live happily ever after in the space of seven pages).   I wonder if I can do gothic (vampires hatching from peaches), travelogue (I journeyed to China and found babies, peaches, and myself), humor (two nuns, a rabbi, and a priest hatch from a peach), or erotica (he savored the sweet and luscious nectar as he penetrated her very ripe peach).

If there were such a thing as "So You Think You Can Write", what genres should be included, and how do you characterize that genre? 
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